Amanda L. Adkins

Amanda L. Adkins is a leader in business innovation, an entrepreneur in multiple endeavors, and a former nominee for U.S. Congress. She is often described as a ‘go-getter’ given her enterprising nature and energy to start projects in business, philanthropy, and politics designed to generate positive outcomes.

Adkins is the founder of Avisée LLC which offers management consulting to improve business performance and/or interim executive management on a project basis. Adkins worked as an executive at Cerner Corporation (now Oracle Health), a global Kansas City based healthcare and information technology company for 15 years. Adkins spent the majority of her Cerner career building the population health business advising providers and employers across the United States on how to cut healthcare costs and improve health outcomes for individuals and families.

In the course of this work, Adkins has been a leader for consideration of social determinants of health in communities (SDOH). A belief in the importance of SDOH was a major consideration when she founded Systems of Care Initiative (SOCI), a philanthropic organization dedicated to helping young children be healthy and ready for kindergarten and later success in life. 

As a mother, Amanda has lived through the complexity of the healthcare system while making  decisions for her family. Family health inspired her to found Cosmic Food Adventure® with her  children. Cosmic Food is a global food blog dedicated to families who seek knowledge, like  making healthy food, and desire a better understanding of the world around them. The Adkins  family has visited more than 50 countries creating authentic menus and reviewing culture and  history. 

Adkins is also a former two-time Republican nominee for U.S. Congress in the third Congressional district in Kansas (2020 and 2022 election cycles). She has a wealth of experience in public policy and political operations. Early in her career she served as Professional Staff on the US House Rules Committee and worked on commerce issues in the United States Senate. She was also the Political and Executive Director of GOPAC under the leadership of former congressman David Dreier (R-CA) and later, Governor Frank Keating (R-OK).

Adkins is the former chairwoman of the Kansas Republican Party, where she achieved unprecedented election success while serving two terms from 2009-2013. Her tenure in politics  is marked by promotion of women in leadership positions. Adkins is co-founder of the Dwight  D. Eisenhower Excellence in Public Service Series whose mission is to prepare Republican  women to seek greater involvement in government leadership. Over almost 20 years, the  Eisenhower Series has graduated 350+ women including many who have gone on to serve their communities and country through public service.

Amanda graduated from the University of Kansas in 1998 and lives in Overland Park, KS. She and her husband, Jason, have two high school-aged children.