FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 24, 2020  

CONTACT: Matthew Trail          

Adkins Campaign Highlights Davids’ Anti-Police Remarks In Latest Ad

Overland Park – Today, Amanda Adkins for Congress released the campaign’s second television ad of the general election, “Distractions,” which highlights Sharice Davids’ reckless remarks on law enforcement and lockstep voting record with Nancy Pelosi.

“Sharice Davids said that our law enforcement system is ‘rooted in violence,’ and she refuses to concretely disavow radical calls to ‘Defund the Police,'” said Adkins campaign spokesman Matthew Trail. “Voting with Nancy Pelosi at a rate of 99 percent, Davids is part of the problem in Washington, not the solution.”

Beginning today, the ad will air on broadcast and cable television in KS-03.


Sharice Davids wants to distract you from her 99 percent Pelosi voting record and her reckless claim that police are quote “rooted in violence.”

Sharice Davids: just another radical Washington politician.

Amanda Adkins is the only leader who started an inner-city foundation to help children escape poverty.

ADKINS: Washington politicians are making things worse. I’m Amanda Adkins, and I approve this message because I’m a mom, and what happens next is no game to me.