FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 15, 2020  

CONTACT: Matthew Trail                    

Adkins Campaign Releases First General-Election TV Ad

Overland Park – Today, Amanda Adkins for Congress released the campaign’s first television ad of the general election, “Wagon,” which tells the story of Amanda Adkins’ mother’s pursuit of the American Dream through tough times in her childhood.

“My mom’s perseverance set an example for me,” said Adkins. “Where you start shouldn’t have to be where you finish. Especially in challenging times like these, we have to fight to protect the path to prosperity and save the American Dream.”

Beginning today, the ad will air on broadcast and cable television in KS-03.


ADKINS: My mom lived through hard times. She sold what she could from the back of a little wagon.

The lessons of her life made me a successful businesswoman, just like her.

But today, all that’s under attack from an invisible, killer virus and from dangerous forces within.

I’m Amanda Adkins, and I approve this message because we have to win this fight to save the American dream.