Amanda Adkins on the record against a federal ban on abortion: Amanda is on record more than a dozen times since the Dobbs Supreme Court decision leaked in May stating that she is not in support of Congress making any policy decisions on abortion.

Fox 4 (5/20): Q: So it sounds like you prefer that states have a say (on abortion) as opposed to Congress?  A: “I prefer that the states do, yes.”

Adkins campaign statement (6/24): “I am pleased that the Supreme Court returned decisions related to abortion back to the states because it gives voters more of a say on the issue.”

KC Star (7/4): “Kansans decide,” (Campaign manager) Mathews said. “She’d be at the federal legislature and wouldn’t really have a say.”

KC Star (8/25): “I don’t support a federal ban on abortion, nor do I support any other federal policymaking related to contraception or fertility.”

Kansas Reflector (8/25): “Adkins said in a statement she didn’t support a federal ban on abortion…”

Fox 4 KC (9/1): “Adkins said she does not support a federal ban on abortions.”

AP (9/2): “A spokesperson had been quoted in a July 4 story saying Adkins opposed a federal ban on abortion.”

KCUR (9/7): “I would not be in support of a congressional ban on abortion. I think the decision-making needs to happen here at the state level.”

Fox News (9/8): “I have stated as a candidate that I am not in support of a federal ban.”

Fox News (9/21): “I do not support a federal ban on the issue (abortion).”

KC Star (9/26): “She reiterated that she opposes a federal ban on the procedure and that abortion policy should be decided at the state level.”

Associated Press (9/27): “It should not be a federal issue, and Sharice Davids still is focusing on it as a federal issue,” Adkins said after a recent suburban meet-and-greet. (Quote from 9/17)

Kansas Reflector (9/27): “In response to a question, Adkins said she was opposed to a federal ban on abortion…”