FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 17, 2020  

CONTACT: Matthew Trail          

Davids Misuses Campaign Funds In Pre-Debate Shopping Spree

High-End Clothing Purchases Violate Federal Election Law

Overland Park – In 2018, Sharice Davids’ campaign picked up the tab for nearly $800 in “personal items for candidate debate” from high-end clothing stores Banana Republic ($412.29) and White House Black Market ($375.84). Davids’ go-to debate outfit, featured in campaign photography and worn in at least two debates, carries not only a hefty price tag, but also potentially steep legal penalties. Federal election law [52 U.S.C. § 30114 (b) (2)] explicitly prohibits candidates from abusing donors’ dollars to pay for personal clothing and other personal expenses.

“After her failed business stiffed its investors nearly $20,000, it seems Sharice Davids needed to misuse campaign funds to round out her wardrobe,” said Adkins campaign spokesman Matthew Trail. “With a price tag of nearly $800, it’s a nice outfit, but breaking federal election law is a bad look.”

Even worse, Davids now wants taxpayers to foot the bill for her shopping. Davids is a co-sponsor of H.R. 1, a bill providing up to $5 million in taxpayer funds for congressional campaigns and allowing campaign funds to be used for personal expenses.

“With her illegal campaign spending, an abysmal business record, and her radical tax-and-spend agenda, it’s clear Sharice Davids can’t be trusted with taxpayers’ money,” Trail added.


The federal filing containing Davids’ illegal expenditures can be found here.