“We must demand our leaders take the education of our children and the strength of our economy seriously. It is time to get our kids safely back into classrooms.”

– Amanda Adkins


Our response to COVID-19 should be dictated by facts and sound science, not fear of the unknown. The facts are clear: The best place for students to learn, engage, and grow is in their classrooms and school activities. With thoughtful, comprehensive safety and health plans, we can safely return students to in-person learning. The American Academy of Pediatrics agrees, advocating that “all policy considerations for the coming school year should start with a goal of having students physically present in school.”

School not only provides the most effective learning environment, but also offers valuable social and emotional engagement, access to critical support systems (like nutritional assistance), and support for working parents. Alternatives to in-person learning should be available for parents to choose, but long-term remote instruction is unsustainable and unacceptable. We cannot force parents to chose between earning a living and educating their children. We cannot allow our kids to fall further behind. We cannot let vulnerable children fall through the cracks.

Amanda attends a #LetThemPlay rally to support Blue Valley parents and students.

Read Amanda’s Kansas City Star op-ed, “Our children need to return to school and attend classes in person,” co-authored with Mary Tyson, M.D., FAAP.