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New Democratic Super Pac Ad Blasts Legislation Championed By Former KS-03 Rep. Dennis Moore

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. – House Majority PAC, an outside spending group with close ties to Nancy Pelosi, is out with a new ad this week that blasts a bipartisan bill sponsored by the late Congressman Dennis Moore and co-sponsored by Congressman Emmanuel Cleaver, a longtime icon of Democratic politics in Kansas City. 

“As a corporate lobbyist, Adkins lobbied Congress to allow companies to exploit your private information for profit,” the ad states. The bill in question? H.R. 2991, a bipartisan healthcare bill that was championed by a slew of notable Kansas and Missouri Democrats. The list includes former Congressman Dennis Moore (D-KS-03), former Congresswoman Nancy Boyda (D-KS-02), and Congressman Emmanuel Cleaver (D-MO-05). 

The ad also distorts the purpose of H.R. 2991. The bipartisan bill would have given consumers, not corporations, ownership over their healthcare data and records. The legislation empowered consumers to choose who may see and use their healthcare data. Currently, healthcare entities have a legal responsibility to hold fragmented pieces of a healthcare record; H.R. 2991 would have given consumers legal ownership and control over their complete lifetime records. 

“With millions of dollars in outside money being spent to keep rubber stamp Sharice Davids in Congress, it’s disappointing that these groups have continuously turned to lies,” Adkins said. “Even worse, they’ve chosen to distort the record of the late Rep. Dennis Moore, who worked tirelessly on behalf of KS-03 for years. I was proud to join the entire Kansas Congressional delegation, made up of both Democrats and Republicans, in working to pass H.R. 2991 because the legislation was good for Kansas and healthcare in America. My career in healthcare has been focused on cutting costs, improving health, and protecting consumers,” stated Adkins.

“I know Kansas voters won’t fall for the nasty tricks being played by Washington Democrats.”