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America’s infrastructure is one of our greatest assets. The national and economic security of the United States depends on critical infrastructure that is reliable, efficient and meets the current and future needs of the country.

When elected to Congress I will be committed to:

  1. Passing comprehensive legislation that provides long-term sustainability of the nation’s infrastructure.
  2. Empowering State and Local governments to address their infrastructure needs.
  3. Ensuring an open, fair and competitive market for business investment in infrastructure projects.
Amanda at the construction site

Native Kansan, President Dwight D. Eisenhower understood the importance of strong infrastructure and led this nation in creating the pivotal Interstate Highway System. Today we must ensure we are maintaining the critical infrastructure system, while meeting the current and future needs of the country.

The nation’s infrastructure – aviation, bridges, roads, dams, drinking water, energy, levees, rail and stormwater – needs significant investment to ensure long-term viability. In Congress, I will be committed to infrastructure legislation that enables the construction and infrastructure industries to thrive.