Amanda Adkins: A Future that is Smarter, Simpler, and Provides for  Stronger Economic Growth and Strategic Partnerships 

“I believe in an America that celebrates freedom, the power of the individual, and always prioritizes positive impact for families when making decisions. I believe in an America where people have shared purpose, work hard to achieve the American dream, and celebrate the dignity and value of every citizen.”  

– Amanda Adkins

Smarter Programs

Public leaders need to clearly identify problems, such as affordability in the healthcare and energy sectors, and make a true commitment to  producing different outcomes. Adkins built her career identifying risks and reducing  costs in healthcare. Amanda believes that the individual must always be in the driver’s seat to make decisions about their needs and that of their family. Amanda is committed to making programs smarter, more transparent, and affordable without onerous  government intervention.

  • Energy security and a healthy environment. Adkins believes we must pursue policies that increase U.S. energy supply, encourage innovation – including clean energy options – and contribute to American security. All forms of energy should compete in the market, but we need to advance our focus on clean forms of energy pairing nuclear with other renewables. The United States should be an exporter of energy to our allies.
  • Health of our nation. Healthcare costs too much and it is not making us healthier. Adkins supports policy solutions that encourage providers, the most trusted resource in healthcare, to coordinate care over a lifetime, resulting in better health outcomes and lower costs. We need transparency on total cost of care and local decision-making on how money is spent. Healthcare decisions must center on the individual and the family, not be dictated by the government.

Simpler Government

Debt and lack of results hinders our national economy. Amanda believes the federal government must be held accountable for passing a balanced budget. Government at any level has the responsibility to eliminate waste, fraud, abuse, and ensure government programs achieve measurable outcomes. Our children and our seniors are counting on us.

  • A stronger fiscal outlook. Adkins believes we need targeted and effective economic solutions that will get us back to a surplus. This includes reforming spending programs that ensure long-term solvency and sustainability for seniors and passing a Balanced Budget Amendment to prevent future fiscal mismanagement.

Stronger Economic Growth and Strategic Partnerships

The United States has  suffered through one economic crisis after another impacting workers, families, and  business. Adkins believes the government has a role to provide economic lift to the region.  She is committed to breaking government barriers to opportunity, increasing quality  jobs, improving worker income, and assessing the value of strategic partnerships. As a  leader who has worked in global business, Adkins believes in partnerships that advance the national economic interest of the U.S., promote Democracy and protect national  sovereignty through military coordination, and ensure we focus on shared values.

  • Defending America’s borders and advancing our workforce. Immigration is both a security and a workforce issue. As we consider who is allowed to lawfully  enter the United States, we need to ask a few simple questions: What jobs are we trying to fill, and what skills are needed for immigrants to be successful in that work? Our plan must assess current skills, support development of skills and provide mentorship, and encourage people to go to communities with demonstrated preparedness to meet immigrant needs. It is all about a productive future – for the United States, communities, and families.