Amanda’s Vision for America

I am running for Congress because my experience as a mother, businesswoman and social entrepreneur can bring a unique perspective missing in Washington today. There are not enough conservative, female, business-minded voices in Congress. I am committed to changing the current landscape. 

I believe in an America that celebrates freedom, the power of the individual and the influence of the family. I believe in an America where people have shared purpose, work hard to achieve the American dream, and celebrate the dignity and value of every citizen.

Everything I do – as a mother, a businesswoman, and a philanthropist – is aimed at three key themes:

Growth Opportunity. Government’s role should be that of providing economic lift to a region. I am committed to breaking government barriers to opportunity and supporting economic advancement. As an executive at one of Kansas City’s largest employers, I know firsthand the impact of workforce shortages and have committed to alleviating barriers to progress. This includes looking at the impact of immigration policy on workforce and labor issues and ensuring the region is prepared to grow in the future.

Accountability to Results. Unlike most in Congress today, I hold myself – and others – accountable. When elected, I will bring results that matter to Kansans. We need to clearly identify problems, such as affordability in healthcare, and make a true commitment to producing different health outcomes. I have built a career on identifying risks and reducing costs. Debt and lack of results hinders our national economy. My strategy and policies will put government investments on a path to sustainability, not drive the country or future generations further in debt.

Building Successful Paths for Kids. I am fully committed to creating opportunities for all Kansas City children to succeed. Through my philanthropic work, I see firsthand the importance of preparing young children to be ready for success in school. Every child should have the opportunity to live a high-quality life and be prepared for future work they love. It starts before preschool and ends with high school graduates who are college or workforce ready. I will continue to build a community that offers a meaningful path from early childhood to future workforce opportunities.

I build toward solutions for all people, and I share the beliefs of Kansas City. Join me and let’s build together.

“For true patriots to be silent, is dangerous.” Founding Father, Samuel Adams